Your travel companion

Whether you are travelling to Ireland for its tasty Guinness, beautiful landscape, travel events, conferences or family holidays, Travel WiFi could well be your ideal travel companion. After a successful year of providing wifi connectivity to a large number of inbound visitors, we have selected a handful of our customer’s experience to showcase our product/service diversity.

For family travelling

If you wonder how to use your mobile phone in Ireland, Jody Halsted is your to-go guide! With over a decade of Ireland expertise, she shares all her tips and tricks on her blog “Ireland Family Travel”. When in Ireland, Jody is always active and engaged with her audience through her social media and when the rain sets in, you are likely to find her “geeking out” with her Travel WiFi device.

Jody at work :”Wet, wet, wet in Kilkenny today- so knocking out a bit of work with my trusty Travel WiFi Ireland unit.”

Find out more about Ireland and roaming data optimization on Jody’s Blog

For travel explorers

Still in the Adventurous Mother category, we have Karilyn who came to visit the west coast of Ireland by herself just a couple of months ago. She shares her travel experiences on her captivating blog “No Back Home” dedicated to inspiring families to explore the world. Because she had left her loved ones at home, Travel WiFi became an absolute must, to keep in touch with them as well as streaming live her Irish exploration.

“I was traveling the Wild Atlantic Way in County Mayo which is quite sparsely populated with people or towns, however my service was almost always present and strong.”

Follow her Irish adventures on No Back Home


For multi-platforms users

Talking about connectivity while abroad, Corey learned his lesson the first time when he travelled to Ireland. As an Irish Firesider, posting content is part and parcel of his award-winning blogger and podcaster lifestyle. With Travel WiFi in his pocket he was able to let his uploads roam free with peace of mind from about anywhere.

“The process was just as easy to connect a computer, a Kindle, and an Android tablet… ALL AT THE SAME TIME.”

Learn more about his “What you should know” list

In 2012, Irish Fireside also spearheaded the “Travel Kit” creation which united Irish Diaspora enthusiasts.


For sun seekers

In addition to being multi-device friendly (up to 5), Travel WiFi is international-friendly. With coverage in up to 100 countries, the worldwide plans enabled the AirCrewser’s team to experience Dubai with modern convenience.

AirCrewser is a fast growing travel lifestyle magazine by flight crew and frequent travellers from around the world. Their online magazine offers a fresh and dynamic perspective from beauty and fashion, to travel tips, recommandations and travel expert advice.

Even though the worldwide offer was not unlimited, the crew were able to have wifi whenever they needed the most.

“Although I had wifi connection at my accommodation, the Travel Wifi was amazing once I left the house.”

Learn more about their travel lifestyle

For the most creative

As long as there is an Internet connection, possibilities are limitless. We could not find a better way to describe Dennis’ Chef performance. Indeed, we caught him by surprise while he was streaming a tantalising recipe on Facebook. Being retired has its good side, he now has more time to travel around the world and share his cooking skills on his “Ask Dennis Chef” blog! Being in great demand, he was able to keep in touch with his community thanks to Travel WiFi during his 10 days visit to Ireland last fall.

“I was able to do Facebook Live videos and stay connected to all my accounts no matter where I was in Ireland.”

Any food related inquiry? Dennis is your Chef!

For travel geeks

“But how does this magical device work?” you may wonder. Here is time for our technical expert Daniel to rear his head. On his Youtube Channel “ Classroom Digital Tools”, he detailed how to set up and use Travel WiFi’s device with all its features. He didn’t stop until everything was clear and even showed where to pick the device up on Dublin’s map. Not to mention his selection of sights nearby Travel WiFi’s Office.


Make sure to watch his enlightening video

In a nutshell

Different type of users but one goal: to stay connected while travelling!

To find out more about our wifi rental solution and what sets us apart please further read our blog: “Why Travel Wifi is the big deal?”

An outstanding year for Travel WiFi

2017 has definitely been a great year for our growing start-up. With 2 award nominations we were priviledged to get through the finals in 3 categories and win the New Business Digital Award with the SME Awards:


New Business – Digital


Best Digital Start-Up

Online Retailer (Export)