In the past couple of years WiFi has become almost as important as the air we breathe. The reason I say this is that it is not just one type of person who has a need or dependency for WiFi but everyone, all for different reasons. In this blog I’m going to take a look at different type of travellers and why WiFi is important to them.

Business Travelling

In many big companies today a big requirement of employees is that they must be willing to travel on a regular basis. One thing well known though is that work waits for no one and even with all the travelling things still need to get done. This means that a lot of work has to be done on the go. A lot of business men will rely on free WiFi hotspots from hotels to get their work done, however i’m sure most corporate people reading this will agree that this can be very unreliable and frustrating. Having a reliable device like the one Travel WiFi provides puts an end to all this uncertainty and frustrations and makes the life of a corporate traveller that little bit easier.

Leisure Travelling

In the modern era one of the biggest growing trends that has been is big family holidays. And by big family holidays I don’t mean a trip across the Irish sea but rather a trip across the Atlantic. Now many people will say that when you go on holidays with friends or family WiFi should not be important as you should be concentrating on spending time with loved ones. At Travel WiFi we totally agree with this, however you must remember that WiFi is not only just for communicating with others across the Internet but rather can be used for finding your way around, seeing which are the best places to eat at and what places you should visit. If your still not convinced that you need any of these then there is one other thing that WiFi provides…security. If you are travelling with kids WiFi gives you the opportunity to be connected with them 24/7, giving you that added piece of mind you need to really relax while away.

Travel Bloggers

Travel blogging has become a popular hobby to many and even a job to some. Travelling to different places around the world
and giving your thoughts or telling stories of your own experiences has become so important to many people when deciding on whether or not to visit a destination. Of course many of these people travel to far off tropical destinations where maybe reliable WiFi hotspots are not so attainable. With our device you can blog from the most beautiful locations taking down everything you see making the experience that little bit more vivid when writing about it. A true validation to our statements is one of the posts published by travel blogger, Suzanne Stavert, saying that ‘reliable wifi is part of the deal with travel writing’. We have already had top bloggers such as Jody Halsted who is a well known blogger who travels a lot with her family around the world and who has found our service totally reliable. I think the motto is ‘You blog smart when you blog with Travel Wifi’.


Of course your probably saying to yourself that you don’t fall into any of these categories but they are all connected. Weather your travelling away with friends or going on an adventure on your own WiFi is a necessity right next to having enough sets of clothes to change into. Travel WiFi is fast becoming an industry leader with plans to expand all over the world, are aim is to make sure you stay connected wherever you go.

Check out our website for great offers on our WiFi devices. From all of us at Travel WiFi, have a great trip.