Besides emails and browsing the Internet here are a few extra things that a portable WiFi hotspot can offer you:portable wifi

  • Getting directions: you can use Google maps on your smartphone with your GPS on and get step by step directions to your hotel, a great pizzeria or a famous attraction. No need to buy a map anymore! If travelling by car you can also forget about bringing or renting a GPS (as long as you have a smartphone or tablet)!
  • Skype & VOIP calls: stay in touch with whoever is important to you without worrying about the costs of international calls. You can use Skype or Nonoh (a great VoIP app with lower fees) and say “Hi!”  to your dear ones from Dublin, London, Rome, New York, Hong Kong and other great places!
  • Tourist information: there are a couple of smart apps that can recognize a photo that you take (usually based on location so watch out for privacy issues) and offer you detailed information about that painting, statue or building! No need to buy a travel guide anymore!
  • Great local places: by using your portable WiFi hotspot you can have unlimited access to TripAdvisor or Google Place to find great places to eat & sleep. We recommend those two for getting good recommendations from the travel community.
  • Instant translations: you can use Google Translate for texts and speech recognition, make sense of what the ‘ragazzi’ around you are saying or even boost your Italian, Chinese or Swedish knowledge with a smart app as Duolingo .
  • Make photos & videos and share them: would you like to send pics back home from the Statue of Liberty(U.S.) or Piazza del Campo (Italy)? Don’t wait to get to your hotel, with our mobile WiFi hotspot you can get 4G speeds (in larger cities) and send all the photos you want. You can even send a video with no worries about your data plan (unlimited data) .