Irish Castles: Travel back in time

Even though there is no official and exhaustive list of castles in Ireland, some people say that you can find more than 30’000 of them throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of them have been reduced to ruins. However, you will have more than enough possibilities to travel back in time by visiting these astonishing Irish castles.


Staying in a city?

All castles are not hidden up a hill and surrounded by acres of land. In fact, most major Irish cities have their own castle, symbol of power of yesteryear.

Dublin Castle stands right in the city centre on Dame Street, Dublin 2. This ideal location enables you to walk straight from Trinity College to the historic heart of the city in less than 15 minutes. You can visit it by yourself or with a guide who will tell you more about the establishment of the British government in Ireland for centuries.

Dublin Castle

Kilkenny Castle, built in the city itself, is probably one of the most famous strongholds. This edifice of the 13th century stands as a reminder of the Norman rule. Despite its progressive transformation over time, 3 out of its 4 towers are still standing. To your delight visitors have access to most of the castle. Have a look at its masterpiece: “The Long Gallery

Kilkenny Castle

Nearby Cork, you will find Blarney Castle. This fortress is know for its gardens and forest giving rise to any kind of legends. If you dare to climb to the top of the tower, make sure not to miss the local breed “Stone of Eloquence. Next to the Blarney Stone, it can be read:

There is a Stone there, That Whoever kisses, Oh! He never misses to grow eloquent.

Blarney Castle


Staying in a Castle?

Imagine waking up in a castle and linving like royalty for couple of days. It is not a dream anymore. The Irish Times actually published a list of “Castles to stay in“. Ashford Castle, in County Mayo stands out when it comes to luxury accommodation. In fact, this castle has won countless awards and since it opened its doors to guests in 1915.

Ashford Castle, Luxury Resort

If you think you need to book by pigeon post, you will be pleasantly surprised to find “Castle Accommodation” on Airbnb!


In the footsteps of Mel Gibson?

In addition to being the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, Trim Castle is featured in the award-winning movie “Braveheart”. They couldn’t have found a better set up to produce the scottish hero William Wallace. A guided tour is available to discover a fraction of these 30 000m².

William Wallace and his army in front of Trim Castle’s doors – Braveheart (1995)

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