2 Aug, 2018

Weekend Trip to Cork

2018-08-02T11:23:32+00:00Travel Recommendations|

If you plan on traveling to Ireland, kissing the Blarney stone is probably been something you have considered adding to your bucket list. Leading up to that, allow me to take you on a journey around Cork, Ireland that will leave you in awe of the beautiful county of Cork [...]

5 Mar, 2018

Aquatic activities in Ireland

2018-03-05T15:48:10+00:00Travel Recommendations|

In or on water, discover Ireland through aquatic activities Ireland is obviously known for its green and vast grassland, nothing new there. However, fewer people pay attention to the Irish aquatic world which contains many hidden treasures. If you are planning your summer trip to Ireland while reading this, you might [...]

12 Feb, 2018

Time Travel in Ireland by visiting our selection of Castles

2018-02-12T13:08:16+00:00Travel Recommendations|

Irish Castles: Travel back in time Even though there is no official and exhaustive list of castles in Ireland, some people say that you can find more than 30'000 of them throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of them have been reduced to ruins. However, you will have more than enough [...]

7 Feb, 2018

Game of Thrones can be found all over Ireland

2018-02-07T14:00:14+00:00Travel Ireland|

Enter Game of Thrones World by travelling Ireland Most people know what is the TV serie "Game of Thrones" all about. War, dragons and fantasy scenery are the first things that come to  mind. However, fewer people know that some of these magical landscapes can be found across Ireland. I [...]

25 Jan, 2018

Travel WiFi has something for everyone

2018-01-26T11:22:13+00:00Travel WiFi|

Your travel companion Whether you are travelling to Ireland for its tasty Guinness, beautiful landscape, travel events, conferences or family holidays, Travel WiFi could well be your ideal travel companion. After a successful year of providing wifi connectivity to a large number of inbound visitors, we have selected a handful [...]

17 Jan, 2018

Travel the west coast of Ireland at winter time

2018-01-17T11:13:29+00:00Travel Ireland|

The best period to visit the west coast of Ireland Winter in Ireland may be cold but it doesn't mean the end of your exploration. Travelling during winter is actually the best oppotunity to discover Ireland's most famous sights without being surrounded by a crowd of tourists. Moreover, the quiet roads [...]


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