Our secret list of healthy spots

It has already been over a month since the “healthy resolutions”. We know it’s not easy to remain disciplined, especially when travelling. For that reason, we gathered all our favourite  spots, where you will find whole and healthy food.

Less is more

When it comes to healthy dieting, you want to focus on the quality. In fact the goal is to eat less while providing your body with more micronutrients. Even if it seems a bit confusing, it’s actually very simple: eat real food! Salads are an excellent way of doing so and Blazing Salads offers just that. They will serve you a wealth of tasty dishes made of only natural and whole ingredients.

Blazing Salades

Whole food stock @blazingsalads

It’s a matter of preparation

Habits run our lives and it’s particularly true for our diet. The best way to use them to your advantage is to plan and prepare your meals in advance aka “meal prepping”. This concept has no secret for Ronan & Pam. With their catering service Counter Culture they bring healthy energy to businesses while remaining as environment-friendly as possible. You are also very welcome in their Restaurant from breakfast to diner. Make sure to try their healthy drinks (with or without protein powder) on Mercer Street Upper, Dublin 2.

Counter Culture

Box prepping @counterculturedub

Omega 3 provider

Today’s diet is crucially lacking healthy fatty acids such as those found in oily fish. Furtunately, we have an outstanding fish specialist in Temple Bar. Banyi Japanese Dining is the must eat of any sushi lover. They offer all the japanase traditionals as well as daily “Special Bento” to experience a multitude of them at once.

Banyi Japanese Diner

Special Bento @banyidublin

Eat well and exercise, in the same place

Only 20 minutes south of the city center, you will find Ranelagh Village and its plethora of trendy concepts. One of them is Urban Health, a vegan-friendly café, coffee shop and salad bar. Moreover they are not only versatile in the kitchen. In fact, they host yoga classes upstairs as well! If you only swear by an healthy lifestlye, you have to pay them a visit!

Salad Prepping @urbanhealth_ie

Salad Prepping @urbanhealth_ie


Some Nutrition reading

Before my blogging activity, I studied Nutrition in Switzerland and became a Nutrition Coach. Because sharing my knowledge in english is a real pleasure, you can find my Nutrition Guidelines Article to make 2018 your healthiest year.