Enter Game of Thrones World by travelling Ireland

Most people know what is the TV serie “Game of Thrones” all about. War, dragons and fantasy scenery are the first things that come to  mind. However, fewer people know that some of these magical landscapes can be found across Ireland. I myself have followed in the footsteps of the TV show twice in the past few years.


From Dublin to Winterfell

If you have a weakness for the House Stark, the north of Ireland is waiting for you. Couple of years ago, after a night out in Temple Bar, me and my friend dragged ourselves to the meeting point of this day tour. The excursion crew immediately dressed us up with a Stark’s cloak. We already knew, it was going to be an epic journey.

GOT Tour Itinerary

Game of Thrones itinerary from Dublin

Be prepared to hike into the forest inbetween several film locations while the tour guide is delievering all the shoot’s secrets.

In the footsteps of Stark’s wolfs

You can also take part to this adventure from Belfast, Derry and Tollymore.


Kill two birds with one stone

The official Game of Thrones Tour is not the only one that let us enter their world. In fact, plenty of day tours include GOT filming locations. I recently embarked on one of them for the purpose of reaching the extreme north of Ireland. The iconic Giant Causeway was on my “to see list” anyway but every opportunity to immerse myself in the fantasy atmosphere is good to be taken!

Stop by the Dark Hedges aka “The King’s Road”


The picturesque coastal village of Ballintoy aka “The Iron Islands”

In the end I also had the chance to see Belfast. It was really ideal for me to concile all these locations in one day. With a bit of research, you will find the itinerary that suits you perfectly.


Make them all jaleous

You will have a plethora of opportunities to take epic pictures with of without costume but always with an stunning background. Make sure to attract your friends’envy by posting on social media. To do so, just stay connected!