In or on water, discover Ireland through aquatic activities

Ireland is obviously known for its green and vast grassland, nothing new there. However, fewer people pay attention to the Irish aquatic world which contains many hidden treasures. If you are planning your summer trip to Ireland while reading this, you might just have found the Irish water treasure map!


Cetaceans majesty

Although the sheep embodies the Irish animal par excellence, wilder species tend to steal its thunder. In fact, more and more Ireland visitors set out on a quest to find some of the most intelligent creatures on earth. There are plenty of opportunities to watch whales and dolphins throughout the year. According to the experts, you may find various species depending on the season and the “spot” of your excursion.

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The Wild Atlantic Way wildlife

For the brave

One of Ireland’s best-kept secrets has been spreading for some time now: the Irish coastline is full of amazing waves, and surf spots. In fact, Ireland is one of the most underrated surfing destinations. If you are ready to face the cold water and strong wind, you will find waves for every level of experience. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the north, south, and west coasts of Ireland can be home to some of the best swells almost all year long. Obviously in Summer and early Autumn, when the water temperature reaches its peak at about 17°c, is the ideal period to take a try at this new kind of sport.

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The more the merrier

If you are not an animal lover nor a bold surfer, you can still embark on one of many boating activities. Nothing is more fun than exploring Irish watercourse by canoe or kayak. In addition to exercising and building a strong team spirit, you will have a day to remember. When looking at the calm Liffey flowing under Penny Bridge in Dublin, who would have guessed that this same river is home to wild rafting? As close as 20 minutes from Dublin city centre, will take you to a whole new world. Upstream from the urban life, you will experience 2.5 hours of wild environment and discover some intriguing history.

Rafting crew into action!


Make sure your camera stays dry because there is no shortage of opportunities to take stunning pictures along your aquatic experiences.

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