Have you seen Santa Claus riding a bike and turning on the lights last Sunday? (It was the first thing that caught my attention when I came back from Dublin airport after a short trip to Amsterdam…)

The traditional “Procession of Light” celebration reminds everyone that Christmas is only a stone throw away and it is high time you got ready to soak up the festive atmosphere and find incongruous presents for your loved ones.

You don’t know where to start? Don’t worry and let us be your guide!

“Welcome on board, next stop: Christmas markets”.

Our crew has picked two outstanding upcoming events for you:

First Edition of “Après Lodge” or “How to make the whole family happy”

Source 2http://www.ifsc.ie/company.aspx?idcompany=2586

Come to the Custom House Quay from Thursday, 30 November to Saturday, 23 December to experience the “Après ski” vibe! You won’t recognize the CHQ Building and its surroundings as they will be transformed into an authentic ski village hosting local craftspeople and traders.

Whilst your children will be busy with activities and artificial snow, warm yourself up with some “Après ski” tunes, drinks and street food bites. Later, the DJ will take over from the band to the delight of the most motivated (over 21).

Check out Apres Lodge for more information and bookings.

Less hype, more craft

If you are a bit sick of the Christmas consumerism, the fifth edition of the Dublin Flea Christmas market welcomes you for free from Thursday, December 7 to Sunday, December 10. This alternative shopping experience seduces like-minded people with its wealth of innovative design, art, hand-made craft and much more.

You are guaranteed to find surprising gifts on the local traders’ stalls!

Source 3http://dublinchristmasflea.ie/gallery/

They were no fewer than 28’000 visitors to invade the Point Square in Dublin 1 last year.

Check out Christmas Flea Market for more information.


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Author: Romain Losey