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Deliveries & Returns

How much is the delivery?
Any orders placed for Ireland, delivery and return is €8 each way. Our national courier is An Post. For international orders, we operate with DHL so prices vary on each location.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we can ship the device internationally. However, delivery charges may change depending on the destination.
Will you send me tracking information when my device ships?
Yes, we will notify you with the tracking number before we send out the order.
Can I order multiple wifi devices at the same time?
Yes, absolutely. However if you are ordering more than 5 devices at once, please email us for details.
Can I place an order in your office and pick it up there?
If you experienced any issues placing an order online, then that wouldn’t be a problem. Head over to our office and talk with us. However, please make sure to contact us in case we are out of the office or at a meeting.
Can I have the device delivered to my hotel?
Yes, we can deliver the device to the hotel’s reception desk. If you pick this option, please let the reception desk know that you are expecting a delivery so they can accept it and sign for it. *** However, please provide us with the proper name and reservation details to ensure that the order will be received by the hotel. ***
Can I collect my device from the airport?
Yes, you can collect your order from our pick up location in T2, located downstairs beside the restrooms in the bag wrap outlet. Order needs to be placed 2 business days in advance as this is a pick up location only and not a store. 
How do I return the device after using it?
Simply pop the device & accessories into the pre-addressed plastic jiffy bag provided and drop it into any Post Office in Ireland. Post Office locations can be found here. The international orders are done through DHL, so again pop the device & accessories into the pre-addressed bag provided and ask for the local DHL to pick it up for you, or you can simply drop it to their near office. We provide the instructions inside the post bag so don’t worry.*** You can also drop off the device to our office free of charge if you are staying in Dublin prior departure. ***
Can I return the device from a different address / destination?
Yes, you can return the device from a different address, but there might be an additional cost depending on the location.
What are my options for returning the device from Ireland?
If you selected the free drop-off option in your order, please make sure to return the device to our office.However if you selected the blue box that says “Returning from a different address”, you will be provided a blue return envelope with a stamp included. You must drop it off to any post office or post box.

Services & Troubleshooting

When is the wifi service activated?

The service is activated from the moment you switch on the device. So when you choose your wifi plan, think about when you are going to start using it. Usually we allocate 1 – 4 days for deliveries and returns. So this won’t be included in the plan timeframe.

Where can I use the device?

We offer 3 different destination options: Ireland  so you can use Travel WiFi anywhere within the Republic of Ireland. The 2nd option is Ireland & UK, which means you can use Travel WiFi anywhere in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Welsh and England. The 3rd option is Worldwide: You can use Travel WiFi in up to 100 countries worldwide, so if you plan to visit multiple countries at once this is the best plan for you.

When should I order my wifi plan?

We advise to have it ordered at least one week in advance prior to your holiday. If you are based in Ireland at least 3 days.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can operate up to 5 hours for the devices used in Ireland. For our Worldwide packages we use a different hotspot device and the battery life for this is up to 12 hours

Do you provide a car charger?

Yes, our packages include a car charger too. This way, you can keep the device juiced up while you’re on the road.

Can I stream movies?

Yes you can, our wifi packages offer unlimited data – ONLY WITHIN IRELAND & UK
However we would advice not to stream movies excessively as the network provider will reduce speed if exceeding too much data over a day period.

Can sharing my connection with others make it slower?

Realistically, no. Usually, you won’t notice any difference at all.

If everyone around you is trying to stream Game of Thrones at the same time, then that might be an issue. To solve: team up and watch together.

What if I’m having a problem with coverage?

There could be a few things that you’re running into:

It might be a small coverage gap or weak signal in the area you’re in. Try connecting in a different area nearby to see if you can establish a better signal.You might be underground or within a structure that’s affecting your signal. Sounds odd, but wireless signals aren’t perfect. It would be helpful to try again in a more open location.


Payments & Refunds

What forms of payment can I use?

All major credit cards.

When should I order my wifi plan?

We advise to have it ordered at least one week in advance prior to your holiday. If you are based in Ireland at least 3 days.

What is the insurance for?

The Insurance is optional, and this is for those who don’t want to pay the temporary deposit of €50. The Insurance will cover the costs associated with loss, theft or any damage of the equipment.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit is an automatic payment that is refunded when we receive the equipment back. The deposit is held until the device is returned. In case there is equipments missing, broken or not returned then we will hold partial or full deposit.

Do you take a security deposit?

Yes, we take a 50 euro deposit on all packages rented from us, which is fully refundable when the device plus all the accessories are returned in good condition.

Do I get notified when my deposit is being refunded?

Yes, we usually email our customers once we receive the device back & let them know that their deposit has been refunded.

What is the refund policy?

If something went wrong with the device or you weren’t able to access the Internet during your entire stay, you can send us the device back and we will do the appropriate refund for you once we investigate what was wrong with the device.

Usually transferring refunds take between 5 to 10 working days.

Why didn’t I receive my order confirmation?

It’s possible our emails got stuck in the spam filter.

Double check your spam folder to see if it’s in there first. If you still can’t find your order confirmation, let us know. We’ll confirm your order and figure out what went wrong.


Product Specifications

To view specifications, select your device below.



What is a TravelWifi?

TravelWifi is a mobile hotspot that allows you to connect to a secure and personal wifi when travelling abroad.

When are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday
9:30am – 4:30pm

How many devices can I connect to the hotspot?

You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. However, connecting more than 5 devices can reduce the speed.

How I can locate the nearest post office for returns?