15 Jul, 2016

Why do I need WiFi when I’m away?

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In the modern day whether you’re a teenager or an OAP, WiFi and being connected to the internet is part and parcel of our lives. Some people may say that they like the opportunity to be disconnected, especially when away from home. WiFi however gives us so many added opportunities [...]

18 Nov, 2014

iPhone Travel Tips

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Your iPhone can be the ultimate travel companion when used correctly. Here are some tips for using your iPhone abroad, either with or without a data plan, helping you keep costs down, and helping you get the most out of your device. iPhone Travel Tips Use Wi-Fi – Using Wi-Fi on [...]

6 Oct, 2014

25 Reasons You Have The Urge To Hit The Road

2017-01-11T15:04:36+00:00Travel Tips|

1. Because when you camp at home, this isn’t your view. Dan Feidt / 500px.com 2. Because your passport doesn’t look like this yet. whiteoliphaunt.com 3. Because this is better than writing in Starbucks. Flickr / danka.peter 4. Because you’re still trying to figure out a way to get to [...]

16 Sep, 2014

Best times for travelling!!

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Taking a Peek at Off-Peak You might have hear deals during "high-peak" , "off-peak" or "shoulder" season, but outside of the travel industry those terms might not mean a lot. Everyone is familiar with peak season -- think school vacation months in Orlando, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Christmas shopping [...]

12 Sep, 2014

Get Ready For Your Next Trip

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Great news for travel enthusiasts!! No more ROAMING CHARGES  (That means 'Good Bye' phone bills) UNLIMITED DATA  (Get wild blogging, posting, listening music…whatever you want) Connect up to 8 devices ('Sharing is caring' , so be kind to your friends or family  :) FREE DELIVERY  (We love happy customers, so we [...]


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