Dublin turns green for Saint Patrick’s Festival 2018
The 17th of March is a very unique date. In fact, in addition to being the commemoration date of the Christianity arrival in Ireland as well as its Saint Patron death, it has become the national day celebrated in the greatest number of countries worldwide. In order to feel a bit Irish just for a day, people from all over the world dress in green on the occasion.

Old Tradition

In Ireland is no exception. Since 1995, the Irish government goes as far as to organise a Festival every year. This national event aims at internationally showcasing the diversity of national talents and craftmanship. Last year, about half a million people were standing along the Dublin streets. Meanwhile, 278 iconic landmarks were also turning green in 44 countries, the biggest numbers to date.

“Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, particularly Dublin, is on the bucket list for many people all over the globe.” That was the statement made by Declan Kearney, Saint Patrick’s Festival Director of Communications.

When & Where it takes place

This year, the Saint Patrick’s festival takes place from the 15th to 19th of March all around Dublin city centre. For its 2018’s edition, Dublin’s iconic venues will be metamorphosed into green to  host a wealth of cultural events. To the visitors delight, every Saint Patrick’s Day comes with its share of exhibitions, concerts, children activities and many more.

On Saturday the 17th, be prepared for the nail of the show which is the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade! The show is made of the finest street-theatre representations and a myriad of bands from Ireland joined by international troupes.

At 11 AM, the parade will begin its journey with Saint Patrick’s Cathedral’s procession. Then it will bring colour and musicality to the heart of the city until completion at the Black Church on Dorset Street. Afterwards, the green crowd populated with shamrocks and Leprechauns will head for the nearest pubs prepared to welcome them with a myriad of bites and drinks.


For more information or tickets, visit http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/


Next years editions :

2019: Friday 15Th  – Monday 18Th of March
2020: Saturday 14Th  – Tuesday 17th of March