Many international travelers enjoy the convenience of bringing their own mobile devices abroad with them. However, roaming with your own phone generally comes with extra charges whether it be internet usage, phone calls, or texting. Traveling abroad with your personal mobile device also involves figuring out what data roaming plans your  provider offers as well as which plan will best fit your needs. Many of the top providers only offer a small amount of data usage, which can be difficult to salvage while abroad. This blog explain to you the various plans of different providers as well as Travel Wi-Fi’s worldwide data plans.

Data Roaming Plans

Verizon Wireless offers two different international data roaming plans. The first is a monthly data plan for either $25 a month or $40 a month. Each of these plans only offer 100 MB of data with varying prices for phone calls and texts. If for some reason you exceed the allotted amount of data, it is an additional $25 for 100 MB used. 

The second option Verizon offers is a pay as you go plan. This data roaming plan comes with a cost of $2.05 per ONE MegaByte of data used. To put this into perspective, one megabyte of data generally consists receiving 15-20 emails (with no attachments) or posting 3 pictures on any form of social media. For many people, whether they be moderate or heavy data users, simply is not enough data to get through your travels.

Data Roaming Plans

T-Mobile is another frequently used provider throughout the States. They as well offer two different international data roaming plans as well. The most frequently used data roaming plan is the one and simple choice plan. This offers unlimited data and text. T-Mobile offers you a choice of buying a sim card or a new phone for your travels. This could cost anywhere from between $40-$200.  In order to qualify for T-Mobile’s one and simple choice data roaming plan, one must complete a credit check.

The second data roaming plan T-mobile offers is a straight fee of $15 per a megabyte of data used. Again, one megabyte of data is equivalent to 15-20 emails or posting 3 pictures on social media.

Data Roaming Plans 

Lastly, AT&T offers a variety of international data roaming plans. The first plan they offer is a day pass which includes your current data plan as well as unlimited talk & text for $10 a day. AT&T then offers three different forms of a passport plan.

  1. Passport – $40 one-time charge for 30 days consisting of 200 MB of data with an overage charge of $0.25 per MB
  2. Silver Passport  – $60 one-time charge for 30 days consisting of 300 MB of data with an overage charge of $0.20 per MB
  3. Gold Passport – $120 one-time charge for 30 days consisting of 800 MB of data with an overage charge of $0.15 per MB



Data Roaming Plans 

Travel WiFi makes traveling easier than ever. We provide you with a device that makes it possible to attain Wi-Fi worldwide. Our devices hold a battery charge for up to 12 hours. Our devices offer a variety of benefits.

  • Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life
  • Connect to 5 Devices at Once
  • 4G connection
  • 500 MB of data per day

With a variety of different options, you are sure to find a plan that suits your international data roaming needs at an affordable price.



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