The National Art Gallery houses the national collection of Irish and European art. Located in the center of Dublin it is very easily accessible. The Gallery was founded in 1854 – it became open to the public 10 years later. Inside the Gallery there is an wide-ranging, illustrative collection of various Irish paintings. Find out more about why you should plan your visit to the National Art Gallery today!

Why You Should Visit Dublin’s Art Gallery!

  1. ITS FREE!Since the year 1854 when the gallery first opened, it stood behind the belief that the collection is the nation’s collection and should be available for visitors to view year around at no cost.
  2. Family Oriented!Do you have kids displaying artistic abilities? If this is the case the National Art Gallery offers ‘art backpacks’ or an audio guide for your child to get an interactive experience.
  3. Workshops!The Gallery offers workshops for all ages. You are encouraged to pick up a pencil while learning or enhancing your artistic abilities.
  4. Atmosphere! The National Art Gallery offers a peaceful environment, located right in the center of the chaotic noisy city, it is a perfect escape for a quite relaxing stroll while viewing beautiful artwork.
  5. Library!If you happen to come across a painting or sculpture you can’t get enough of – learn more about the artist with the help of the Gallery’s research services! You will have admission to all various journals, online databases, books, catalogues, ect. This service is free as well!
  6. Food!Strolling around the immense collection of artwork can often work up an appetite. No problem! The Gallery comes equip with various café’s that will sustain any of your dietary needs.
  7. Shop! – Want something to remember your experience by? Pick up a souvenir such as a post card of your favorite painting to remember your adventure at the Gallery!
  8. MUSIC!Throughout the year the National Art Gallery hosts a multitude of performances. From piano recitals to orchestral performances – each act is sure to enhance your experience at the National Art Gallery.
  9. Great People! The staff and community at the Gallery is outstanding. Located at every corner – somebody will be there with expert knowledge to answer any questions you may have about the artwork.

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More Art Gallery’s Throughout Dublin

  1. The Douglas Hyde Gallery – located at Trinity College – Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland
  2. Block T – located in the Smithfield area of the city – 8 Basin View, Dublin 8
  3. Kevin Kavanagh Gallery – located near the back of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – Chancery Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland
  4. Basic Space – Located Behind Vicar Street Venue – Vicar Street, Dublin 8